Thursday, 19 May 2011

Rising with the tides

Yesterday's post on Hogintu, themed around 18.

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The age of maturity among the troobloo is 18, for life is hard and short in the cobalt desert in pursuit of the Blootrio. Eighteen months means the first steps will have been taken, and when a speckle - as the extreme youth of the troobloo are known - is able to walk, he or she can learn the dangers and destinations first-hand; learn how to draw skrabs, circle haaks and bow to delves, how to flay stasis tech from the fallen space elevators and see the sacred gyres where a troobloo may live for-never in untime.

Rule: Troobloo are eerily calm, highly focused and excellent learners, as they must be. When the result of a roll made for a troobloo is just one point from success, make a note. When this next occurs, there is a 50% chance the troobloo is in fact successful. If this second instance also results in a failure, the third will be an automatic success.

 - - - - - -

If you've just come into this, I'm using the month to fill out a setting I've been building up the past few weeks. The best starting points are probably the Hogintu location index and the recent conspiracy tables, which link plenty and give a sense of current complexity.

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