Saturday, 27 November 2010

Gotta love the Orks!

Cool pic, but not mine - the work of Blue Table Painting; used with permission

Over at Blue Table Painting there's a post up with an introduction to the Orks. Second guest article in one day - let's hope it doesn't go to my head... Forget the text for a bit though and check out those sweet models! More here too.


William Roberty French said...

really nice narrative of the your love affair with the Orks. I think it touched on core aspects of their background that make them so interesting. Just as importantly, it was an excellent account of the type of special, maybe even unique relationship players can develop with the Orks on account of their wacky character, in my view.

Porky said...

Thanks, and welcome! I tried to cram it all in, but it's only the tip of the iceberg. I missed tellyporta and field technology for example and that's big in both background and game. I think you're right about the relationship. It might be that playing Orks shapes a player differently. The other side is only part of the problem when you have to deal with all of the Orky wackiness. That kind of acceptance is a deeper learning experience, more like having to get on with a real person. A bit like us!