Thursday, 8 December 2011

Winged messenger, but whose message?

Forget cloaking devices. Could the anomaly near Mercury recorded by STEREO be evidence for plasma cosmology? It was elongated and it did appear in a solar flare...

Who knows?

I'm no advocate for plasma, but it's a subject that's fresh in my mind, just as UFOs were presumably fresh in the mind of the guy who said 'manufactured object', and the tried and tested presumably fresh at the NRL with the suggestion it's just an artefact.

But all three do seem a bit premature. Reading how the image was built, it's hard not to think how complex and subjective the process could be. Are we all denying our limits?

It's not only outer space. Our own natures as reflected in archeology are also subject to our subjectivity, and I recommend The Subversive Archaeologist for a good reminder.


scottsz said...

That's an incredible video... it really looks something is floating out of phase near Mercury, or the planet has some kind of electromagnetic field projecting towards the Sun that reacts with the massive flare.

It's amazing how far along astronomical imaging has come.

The Happy Whisk said...

I tried reading that blog but the white letters on that background are hard on my eyes.

Happy New Day, Porky.

I'm all dressed in clean jams and excited to be off from work. Big plans ...? Not a darn thing.

Porky said...

@ scottsz - It is spectacular, and I second that thought on progress. I worry only that in many areas we've moved so far so fast that in a sense we're struggling to keep up with ourselves.

@ The Happy Whisk - That's true, the backdrop can be a challenge. Sounds like a good start to the day there. I'm also very happy to leave structure out of it once in a while.