Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Arriving at the Abode of Departure

If you haven't seen it already, you might like what John Till did with that simple architect builder I posted the other day. He's developed his desert fortress-town - the remote Abode of Departure.

The introduction is here, the fuller overview here.

It's an eerily evocative location and I realise now that with the deep cistern network, hidden structures and gate, and stomach-churning fate that could well be waiting, it's potentially a campaign setting in itself. I don't know if I'd rather run it or be run through it, which is a possible measure of something just right.


John Till said...

@Porky: Thank you for shining a little light on my abode, and for making such a great tool. Spears of the Dawn, the sibling of Stars Without Number, is the RPG that inspired the wider setting. That game also takes a very simple and elegant toolkit approach to creating new locations. I thought the game and your tool were a pretty powerful combo.

Porky said...

Not a problem. I'm very happy you ran with it. If only more people experimented like this, explored what they saw potential in, and maybe improved them, and made new things again out of the fusion.

Stars Without Number is massively popular and I can see why. I have a feeling I'll find even more to like in Spears of the Dawn.