Saturday, 20 April 2013

40K OSR? (22)

It's been yonks since the last 40K OSR? update.

Not sure what a 40K OSR? is? If you know what a 40K is, and an OSR, you're pretty much there.

If you're part of it, feel free to use Colonel Kane's logo, here to the right, and consider linking to a superb example: their Tales from the Maelstrom.

Since that last update, they've set up and run a multiplayer Rogue Trader game, posted the photos and mused on the nature of old school.

And there's been plenty more going on too, for various systems and scales, and none.

I've probably missed a huge number of posts so feel free to leave links in the comments.


Paul Schaefer said...

Thanks for the mention of my Mutants and Magic blog and my idea for the Caves of Chaos/Necromunda mashup.
I hope someone out there can find sone fun ideas there. I haven't had the chance to play much recently.

Porky said...

Well I hope you can very soon. It's a tonic, especially when the going gets as wild as the material suggests it will.

Maybe see if you can set up a drop-in campaign at a local store? Print up some simple leaflets with the outline of the campaign, meeting time etc., just enough for people to know whether or not it's for them. Keep the campaign loose, adaptable to numbers and the timings of arrivals or spontaneous interest of passersby. Turn up with an open mind, ready for anything and see what happens.

If there's interest, you can make more permanent arrangements and tailor things, maybe start over or spin off.