Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Digging the Gravelands

Have you seen this? While I was in stasis, Hereticwerks released a first shortform module, GL-1, Taglar's Tomb.

It's a revised and expanded take on a site they posted for Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day last year. If you're a regular reader, you know what I think of Hw, and this is as accessibly weird and as dreamily expansive as ever.*

If you play a tabletop game, or like a speculative genre, you can probably do something with the contents. If you play a rules-light roleplaying game, like D&D or a game inspired by it, like S&W, you can probably do even more.

Even for wargaming, and not just for Oldhammer. For an unusual scenario, the tomb could be set in a hill in the centre of the field, with a scaled up version of the map on a side table and troops entering moving between. The objective would be to get in, hold the line while the diggers go to work and get out with more goods. Assign a tolerance to the surrounding slopes and walls, agree a rule for collapse and let the madness commence.

The trek with the guide could also work as a rolling road, with one side deploying hidden.

It's PWYW so you can get it for free and if you like it go back to pay what you think it's worth. They've also got a page of extra material, developing some of its vaguer elements.

As ever, check out their blog too, and Bujilli especially - he's got a big decision to make.
* As says André Breton via their sidebar: "Objects seen in dreams should be manufactured and put on sale."


Tim Shorts said...

Hey Porky, this is a very good adventure. I recently read it myself.

Porky said...

Those tables just keep coming. I love all the suggestions of possible links and tangents. It's rooted deeply enough in a sketched out local area, but what's beyond that who knows - it feels like the edge of a weird world.

You getting together is fine news by the way - I think more collaborations at this point makes good sense. But I still don't know how you find the time not only to work and play, but also publish as much as you do, and to such a high standard.

garrisonjames said...

Nice to see you back at the blog. Thanks for the review of Taglar's Tomb. I'm working on the next installment in the Gravelands series and the third one will be a similar revision/rebuild/expansion of Baljessor's Crypt.

We have a few other things coming out soon that you might be interested a certain mini-dungeon where a spectral mule still haunts the entrance area...

Porky said...

Yes indeed. Arcs criss-crossing and looping on. As for the mule, it's all so sad...