Saturday, 17 September 2011

Piracy, slavery and crimes with no name yet

I just wrote a focused and fairly raw gaming-related rant, hopefully a transformative one; almost posted the thing too. But I'm channelling the energy elsewhere. Too much to do.


The Antipope said...

A good rant once in a while ain't that bad. If it becomes a habbit though it could be a problem!

NetherWerks said...

Rants make excellent fodder for scenarios...sometimes...perhaps this is one of those Transformative moments? In either case, it's almost always a relief to get such things out of the system...but not everything written necessarily needs to be shared. Some stuff just needs to be written. Hopefully this impetus to write will lead to something fun, cool and interesting as it spurs you to even more productivity!

Porky said...

Very true, all of it. I certainly won't be making it a habit, but I did find the process of writing it out helped. It's a great push to creativity if this kind of energy can be channelled. But this one was so big a thing I have a feeling it will seep out over time anyway. I'll keep it upbeat.