Wednesday, 14 September 2011

What if..?

What if we didn't need to sleep? Ever. And we ran on batteries say? But they weren't included? And we didn't know what they were? Or they hadn't even been invented yet?

An idea for anyone who wants to run with it. Been pondering big brands. Very tired.


The Angry Lurker said...

That's frightening trying to score some Duracell, I always like the comic 2000AD where the judges used a sleep machine where they got 20mins that was enough for the whole day, sleep is a waste of time.

The Inner Geek said...

I agree with the angry lurker that sleep is a waste of time. But I sure do love to waste time that way. I'm only really good a few things and sleeping is one of them.

As for what to do if we ran on batteries and they weren't available. I guess we'd take a nice long nap until some sentient race of giant children came and convinced their parents to purchase batteries to put in us so they could watch us move about?

Porky said...

I can't help feeling the same way. There's so much to do, and days when the sleeping really gets in the way. But I'm a big fan too and if I can get a good long night, I'm very happy. It's great for mood of course and really clears the mind.

I'd imagine that 2000AD sleep tool is on the way, whether it comes out mechanical, chemical or something else again. But sleep is so deep in our nature I wonder what the effect would be. It's so deep in our nature - and maybe individual natures - it's very easy to overlook, or not look deeply at.

That idea of giant children is a pretty good starting point for a setting - maybe a kind of outer entity plugging us into something we can't imagine? Without us knowing of course. Or not plugging us in when we need it.

And there's a big speculative question to follow up: how much could we be hooked up to without our knowing? Makes me think ?siD again. There's a lot more can be done with that idea I think.

The Happy Whisk said...

Way back when, I thought sleep was a waste of time. Now, I appreciate the healing benefits of rest, along with the fresh start of a new day.

Captain Oblivious said...

Just means 16 hour work day will be standard.

Paul´s Bods said...

we never´s an illusion so that the matrix can repair and readjust ;-D
I´ll come up with something more philosophical later..I´m tired to..I must sleep :-D

Porky said...

@ The Happy Whisk - And there's nothing so good for realising that as waking up without. I hope the new job is going well, that things are clicking.

@ Captain Oblivious - Don't we know it. That seems a likely consequence of any sleep tool, and a key driver in its development. Economic indicators must be fed after all.

@ Paul's Bods - Plenty philosophical enough, and why not some variant on that? For fiction at least.

The Happy Whisk said...

Yeppers. I'm a dancing fool.

Porky said...

Good for you. It's not a bad way to be - I've started mine for the day.