Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The withering

A moment of potential horror. It's inspired more than anything by Trey's unsettling post on an imprisoned General Brant and Sir Timothy of Kent's rules for character ageing.

It also ties in with the mention of Heart of Darkness and Lord Jim here and the speed of light here, the arrival of autumn, and some of the events reported over the past few days.

I lock myself away, cut every cable, but it bleeds under doors, leeches through walls. Creeps up, washes over me, cracks my face. It's time.

It's for Flash Fearsday of course, a piece of flash fiction in 140 characters, open to all.



Trey said...

Nice bit of flash. :)

And thanks for the mention, as always.

tzeentchling said...

Forget your perfect offering.
There's a crack in everything.
That's how the light gets in.

Porky said...

@ Trey - Thanks to you too, and you're always welcome.

@ tzeentchling - I like it very much, and it made me smile too. It's not 140 though, or a haiku. I was at a loss and starting rummaging deeper, but then counted the words - 15, no more, no less: it's an Expansion Joint! You can find your fellow Expanders right here, and need only wait for one of the words to come up - 'forget', 'crack' and 'light' are good candidates for sure.

Jennie said...

And while we wait, we can listen to Leonard Cohen.

Porky said...

Great song, and by an artist it seems now I've spent too little time on... The lyrics are very fitting though - so good job tzeenchling on that. The ability to find an apt quote for the moment is one I wouldn't mind having. For all the reading and listening, it takes a lot of effort, if any can be found at all.

tzeentchling said...

Right, Jennie! I admit it's taken from Leonard Cohen. Just your bit of story, Porky, reminded me of the lyrics. Suitably spooky if they're put in this context.

Jennie said...

tzeentchling,I was thrilled to see one of my favorite lines quoted here, and the fact that it was exactly fifteen words worth just made it better.

When Porky didn't recognize the source right away, I realized that there might be others here who were as yet uninitiated, and I couldn't resist posting the link to the video.

Porky said...

I'm glad you followed up. Finding connections and making recommendations never hurts, and the more there are the better. If we have one interest in common, we could well share other tastes. Pot luck has its place, but there is a lot of background noise these days and time can be tight.