Thursday, 20 October 2011

Scream - hanging

You cry for help, the cry becoming a scream as the cold of the void creeps across ever more of your body. Flailing wildly, you slip further through the invisible barrier, the steady resistance of the field clinging as you go, teasing. Another gasping scream. One more. But only silence above through the torn hole in the earth; silence below among the stars.

Fear... You clutch at nothing, strain upwards, but are almost through, almost out - no!

And then - then - the field tightens. Solid. You are held; hung, swinging down into space.

Freezing, choking. Oil splashes down from the pipes. You wait, between life and death.

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Porky said...

This is a scene in one of many possible adventures, one of 33 so far spread across six different blogs.

Begin exploring at the base of the ancient tree.

Anyone with a blog or similar can carry the story on, and from any point. To find out how read this.

Jennie said...

Linked it up here.

Porky said...

Thanks again - you don't miss a beat!

I'm wondering how we get into those tunnels from here.