Thursday, 28 April 2011

Blogging our adventures (1.5)

The online adventure has yet another fresh instalment, the second today, and it's hosted at a new blog too, The World of Damnation.

That makes 27 scenes in 11+ locations at six blogs, Lunching on Lamias, ArmChairGeneral, Nine Worlds, Ten Thousand Things, the newly joined Warpstone Flux and now The World of Damnation, and the Expanse. It all starts here.

If you're involved or plan to be, there's a quick summary at this post. I'll aim to get a fuller update out, ideally with a map. I've started one, but it's pretty complex already...

If you want to get involved, it's easy.

As an explorer, read, choose and enjoy. Start here.

As a blogger, continue the adventure at your blog. Write a scene with a choice for the reader to make and link each of the options to a destination post, if that post is already written. If you write a scene based on a choice at another blogger's post, just leave a comment there so he or she can add a link to you.

If a scene exists, but you feel another is possible, write it. That's what Ricalope has just done; Jennie's original is worth finding too, a powerful experience. If we have multiple scenes for one option, all the better. Feel free to create new takes on the world.

Be bold!

If you've still no idea what's going on, read this.


DocStout said...

Wow. This concept is too cool. I love CYOA and Fighting Fantasy gamebooks (hell, I've blogged about them already.) Love the idea, may well carve out additional writing time to participate.

Porky said...

I agree - it still gets me excited. It's a lot of fun just to take a wander, and even more to think about what could be explored next. It's bigger than it seems too - things are happening all over the place, in what are probably different realities and times. You're very welcome to jump in wherever and whenever you like.

Jennie said...

DocStout, please do jump in!