Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Nest - eggs - creature

You imagine a nest is more likely found in the seclusion and security of the uppermost branches and so you make your way delicately ever higher, from limb to slimmer limb, this way and that as tree allows. Where at first you could walk upright, you need now to crouch for balance, and you are forced to use your hands to steady yourself more, still more, until you dare go no higher and the sky is visible through the dancing tips above.

Looking down through the full height of the crown, the ground is now nowhere to be seen, just layers of forking branches, silvery berries and the gentle rolling of the leaves.

And then a sound. A strange call, a chirruping - and near at hand. You look round to see an odd structure close by your face, a blend of twig, leaf and earth. A nest! Your heart leaps at the thought of food. Leaning out just a little you are able to see into a hollow space, and there within a clutch of elongated eggs, sky blue speckled with purples.

The call again, a rush of air and the branch above you dips a little under the weight of a slight, scaly creature. It grips the branch with a pair of tongue-like feet, another pair tucked up beneath iridescent wings. Eyestalks swivel to observe, glittering in the light.

Aim to scare the creature away   Blog One
Make an attempt to capture it   Blog One   Blog Two
Reach in to gather the eggs   Blog One   Blog Two
Opt instead for the berries   Blog One   Blog Two
Return to the resting place   Blog One   Blog Two
Climb down to the base   Blog One   Blog Two



Porky said...

This is a scene in one of many possible adventures. There are now 22 scenes written spread across four different blogs. The future is very open.

Begin exploring this strange world at the base of the ancient tree.

To join in the creating, read this.

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

What about trying to catch it, either to cook or make a pet out of?

Also, some stuff up that may shed light on the game I mentioned.

Porky said...

I'm clearly not ruthless enough! I've put up one extra option, for capture, on the assumption a decision on what to do with it if caught will come later. I'll be over.

Jennie said...

Reaching in to gather the eggs: http://nineworldstenthousandthings.blogspot.com/2011/04/pathfinders-egging-you-on.html

Ricalope said...

Catching the critter;

Porky said...

Done - it's now up in the post and the master list both. That makes this one of the fullest sets of options of any post so far and the overall quality and mood of the scenes is superb; again the latest fits right in. Thanks to you, and to everyone making the project work so well.