Thursday, 7 April 2011

Flash Fearsday

C'nor at Lunching at Lamias has taken up the Flash Fearsday mantle, taking over this weekly dose of horror-themed microfiction. Brave man. Now I need post only when inspiration comes, and maybe it will come more easily. Today it has.

Remember, 140 characters exactly, and line breaks count one.

They are there.
I don't know till after. They come and go. 
They leave things too. Words, comments.
I reply. 
What madness is this?

A dark take on blogging, or something else entire..? I have the Worldboat in mind too, and there'll be more on that later today; similar, but very different.

Have a go. Leave the story itself, or a link to it, at this post.


Auberoun said...

Nice! I like it!

Porky said...

Thanks! Funny what can be made to look menacing, and in general the less context, the wider the range of interpretations.