Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A shot across the bows

Here's my poem for this week's One Shot Wednesday, hosted at One Stop Poetry.

Give it your best shot,
Or get shot,


One shot,
To get shot?
Not by a long shot.
Shoot indeed.


Leslie said...

indeed. hopefully his (or her) best shot won't be a shot in the dark...

Brian Miller said...

glad you took your shot...its those that dont that my heart breaks for...

Lemmiwinks said...

great post as always

Timoteo said...

Okay, so I'll take a shot...bottoms up !

The Angry Lurker said...

Good work Porky.

Porky said...

Thanks - I'm glad I took it too! I had one clear intention in mind, and although I was playing on the ambiguity of the metaphor, reading it after it was written, I realised it can easily be interpreted in ways I hadn't expected. That's all the better, and I'm happy so long as the initial concept is there, and ideally first among them.

Captain Kellen said...

Captain Kellen
with a shock
rubbed his brain
he called two rocks

He liked the rhyme
it spoke oh so true
very creative
nice to view

So he left a message
short and sweet
rhyming for CK
made him weak

I'll be in the corner hiding...


Mark David Jordan said...

Very ambiguous which makes it oh so much better

sonny said...

i wonder if there's anybody who can resist taking that shot..

Jannie Funster said...

Master & Commander is one of my alltime favorite movies!! "Eengleesh Whallir. Eengleesh Whallir..."

Which kinda related to this poem, right? See what you have inspired in me? The best poems DO inspire.

Thank you!

Porky said...

@ Captain Kellen - That's exceptional, all the more so for being a comment. No need to hide - you should join in proper!

@ Mark David Jordan - I think so, and I'll say for me there does need to be some space for interpretation.

@ sonny - If we can, we often do. It's much harder not to, but could be far better for all concerned, a positive step forward.

@ Jannie Funster - There's that ambiguity again, and it has real value. I don't know if this is one of the best - on balance likely not! - but I'm glad it's inspirational.