Monday, 25 April 2011

Help! Hard drive data recovery

Dave over at Wargaming Tradecraft had a flood this weekend and lost two desktop PCs.

He'd like to restore data from a hard drive with a destroyed circuit board, but with platters which ought to be fine. Does anyone have any ideas?

There are some already up that might be useful for the rest of us. A good reminder also to make backups regularly and plan as best as possible, both things I don't certainly don't always do.

The post is here.


scottsz said...

I posted a suggestion, but it's a long shot: transplanting components to an identical (new) hard drive.

Porky said...

Cool. Long shots have their place, and are one extra tool in the box. That post is turning into a useful starting point for anyone with the same trouble, and search results might keep the advice in play.

Dave Garbe said...

Thanks for the post Proky, appreciate it.

Porky said...

No trouble. I hope things are getting back to normal and there is a chance for recovery.