Thursday, 14 April 2011

Is sci-fi's dad bigger than fantasy's dad?

I'm having a discussion with respected sci-fi author David Brin. Well, not quite. Actually not even near. But all the chooks are lined up and we're only waiting for him to get back.

To explain, he wrote a short article at the Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies.

I'll bet you have opinions on it too.

Here's a relevant quote, via Old School Heretic.


The Angry Lurker said...

Sci-fi's dad is a lot bigger in my opinion.

Kathy said...

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Porky said...

@ The Angry Lurker - It's time to move on to brothers then.

@ Kathy - Thank you. It's the unique and interesting readers who make it what it is.

Paul´s Bods said...

I haven´t read the article you have linked to (I´ll go from my own assumptions here, and use your titel as a bas point)but IMHO, Fantasy´s dad is (he/she) has to be....without fantasy sci-fi.
The magic etc in fantasy is just replaced by "technology" in sci-fi...but the magic came first...historically that is. So Fantasy is really the Mother of sci-fi. I´m probably way off the mark as far as the article goes.

Porky said...

Very reasonable thinking.

As you suspected, the article was about something a little different. Ostensibly the subject was their approaches to change, but my title leans more toward the message I feel can be taken, that one is somehow better than the other. For me personally fantasy and sci-fi are good friends, and perhaps inseparable friends, under the banner of 'speculative fiction', and both are capable of giving us tools for development.

Jennie said...

Sci-Fi's dad is about the same size, but has WAAAY better weapons and armor.

I replied at David Brin's IEET article, but most of what I wrote is also here.