Saturday, 2 April 2011

Plan B: Killzone Secondary Objectives

Listen up, you lot. I take it you've all heard of b.smoove. Iron fist at A Gentleman's Ones. One of the masterminds behind Special Operations: Killzone. That's right, Killzone. Jobs like that don't finish themselves.

He's at a key location this weekend, running exercises. Keen eyes will spot him in this video, moving up at 12:18-12:37, hugging the terrain, and pulling out at 13:12-13:35.

Eyes back on me. Right. Open your files. That's the new pdf for Killzone, a selection of the best secondary objective and fate cards available. Twenty-six in all, picked out by a crack team. Two of the 13 secondary objectives are based on ideas I submitted, Beacon Transmitter and Lead from the Front. That's right: two. Watch and learn, rookies.

But I'm no glory hog - that's the crux. We have a problem, and maybe no one else can help. I submitted more than two. They couldn't use them all. Maybe. It's a blemish...

Five rejects then. Your mission: tighten them up. Do what it takes so they make the grade. Make them tough. Killzone players are the creme de la creme. They can take it.

Better still, suggest new, adapt them. The idea is to think outside the box, go beyond simple combat mechanisms, killing. That's getting old, and not before time...

I'll retire, dust the medals...

The region is unexplored and has the potential to harbour precious flora and fauna. Secure the area and allow scientific teams to collect.
If a Team Member finishes the game closer than an enemy model to any one table edge, you gain 5 Mission Points. You may gain a maximum of 10 Mission Points in this way.

A supply transport is inbound and arrival is imminent. A landing zone must be cleared.
If at least one Team Member finishes the game in contact with the table surface, but at least 12" from any and all terrain pieces, you gain 10 Mission Points. If less than 12", but at least 6", you gain 5 Mission Points.

Sacred rite
The time for supplication is near, to clear the mind and strengthen the arm. Perform the rituals. 
If at the beginning of any one of your turns at least three Team Members may be covered or partially covered by a blast marker, you gain 5 Mission Points. If in the subsequent turn, the same models remain covered or partially covered, you gain an additional 5 Mission Points.

An extensive subterranean network is known to exist in this area, and may be of great strategic value. Enter and begin the exploration.
If you remove any one Team Member from play at the start of your third turn, you gain 10 Mission Points. If you remove this model at the start of your fourth turn, you gain 5 Mission Points. This model must be removed before any other action is taken in the turn. It does not count as killed.

Innocent civilians have been caught up in the fighting. They are taking shelter and must be protected. 
If at the end of the game three different terrain pieces each have a Team Member closer than an enemy model, you gain 5 Mission Points. If four or more terrain pieces, you gain 10 Mission Points.

If you haven't yet, you can download Killzone for free via the graphic above the blogrolls.


b.smoove said...

Tremendous work. I am stunned -that was a brilliant spot.

You have identified what very well may have been my fifteen seconds of internet fame... lugging tables in the background.

Nothing personal about the cards, of course. Your ideas are fantastic. We only had 13 slots at the end of the day, and a mountain of entries. Look at it this way, your stamp is firmly on 15% of this project. No bad.

Porky said...

I did go out on a bit of a limb given the quality of the video, but as we all know, out on a limb is the only place to be! Seeing you there in a BTP video gave the whole thing an extra dimension. It's great to see all the faces and names from so many different places converging on the one location.

As for the cards, no offence taken at all - in the post I'm in character only, and badly I might add. I was chuffed to see one card in there, let alone the second. The quality is very high and I can hardly be miffed with that 15% - when it comes to Killzone, again, everyone wins.

Satiran said...

My sincere congratulations on having two suggested missions accepted into the latest Killzone supplement! I originally found out about Killzone through a link you posted in one of your comments on BoLS. I've since printed out the basic rules, and am looking forward to giving it a shot, when hobby time again permits. It seems like a really interesting and dynamic alternative to standard 40K, and the potential for dramatic vignettes in a narrative campaign are of course limitless. Alas I don't get a chance to actually game with my toy soldiers as much as I'd like.

So, a bit of role playing in a blog whose mission is to promote a closer bond between roleplay and miniature gaming? What could be more appropriate? I enjoyed the character you portrayed in the post, and it made it just that much more fun to read. Indeed, it's one of the things that caught my eye and kept me reading.

Porky said...

Thanks very much - I need to work on my characterisation a lot, but a little positive feedback never hurts!

'Interesting' and 'dynamic' are good words. It can be thought of as a Necromunda for the major 40K factions, not just gangs in Imperial hives. It's a great idea and looks to be taking off. The work b.smoove's been doing lately can only help with that. If you haven't already seen them, check out the AdeptiCon posts at his blog, here.