Friday, 29 April 2011

40K OSR? (3)

Definitions: this is 40K; an OSR is whatever we want it to be, essentially alternative approaches.

It could be an Old School Renaissance, Other School Renaissance, maybe Optional School Renaissance, maybe something else again. Could even be a Revolution, or another 'R'.

This week we had a midweek update re the gift from Colonel Kane over at Tales from the Maelstrom, the logo to the right. If you identify with the 40K OSR idea, and especially if you're putting out alternative content, feel free to use it.

I'd ask only you credit Colonel Kane for putting it together, and think about putting Tales from the Maelstrom in your blogroll. It's one of the great 40K blogs, ideas old and new.

GAME OVER and Port Maw are using the logo already, and Kane has a variant up.

So what did we see new this week?

    • Something I helped along was the first in the Orkosystem series at Roll With It, the Snotling Sabbatur, an attempt at the mood of the old sourcebooks. We also had Mark "Blood for the blood god" Furniss and Ross :D! announce their grot codex and C'nor chip in with a trainee variation.

      Well not quite finally, because there's something of a wild card to finish. Or maybe not so wild? After all, I see no reason a 40K OSR can't cover Epic, or other games set in the 41st millennium. If 28mm, why not 54mm or 6mm? With that in mind, and building on last week's mention of Squats and Demiurg, how about 15mm 'space dwarves'?

      If I've missed anything you think should be here, just say so - this is wide open.

      Don't forget that logo. If you feel the passion, use it.

      Update: I have missed something. Cyborg Trucker's Emperor-class titan certainly does
                   qualify as an exploration of the spaces - look where he's going with the crew.

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