Friday, 22 April 2011

40K OSR? (2)

This is 40K. What's an OSR? Maybe an Old School Renaissance, maybe an Other School Renaissance, maybe an Optional School Renaissance, maybe something else.

Loquacious posted on the D&D OSR earlier today. Go read. Some passages:

... these guys ... are helping the roleplaying/gaming community simply by having discussions. ... The OSR guys know their stuff, they like to talk about it, and in general, help grow a cottage industry when no one else is doing it. ... Being passionate about what you do, and getting others to join in - whether to agree or find fault- is something we as gamers could do more; and benefit greatly.

Not quite a manifesto, but very nearly, and great encouragement to engage.

Before we get to this week proper, if you haven't seen it, the discussion carried on at last week's post, on a DIY ruleset and the potential in Rogue Trader, i.e. first edition.

There was an update 1.5 on Monday too, here, with a link to the Tales from the Maelstrom battle report using RT rules, and Warp Signal's post on motivation.

Here we go then. Not so much in the way of rules this week, but lots of ideas and discussion. The bold links I recommend at least browsing.

      • Still on minis, Colonel Kane left an interesting comment at a post here not directly related to 40K, re using other models in the game, names and all.
      • Also, GMort wondered here at House of Paincakes what might be wrong with fifth edition, and the responses cover a lot of ground.
      • Still can't stop thinking about Squats and/or Demiurg? Gyro at Mik' Minis gives us an update on progress with his Squat army, full of classic models.
      • Re Warhammer, but still interesting, Shawn Gately at Blue Table Painting mentioned a proposal put at two of the forums, for a net standard rules adjustment. I'll try to find out what's going on with that and update. The Codex Project is an existing approach for 40K of course.

        If I've missed anything, just say so in the comments, and leave any links you think are relevant. If you think anything should be said, just get it out. I'm just trying to help things, but I'm making no claim to any kind of leadership. The discussion at last week's post got to future direction, and for me it looks, and should be, completely open.

        My first rules contribution is due on Sunday, the first of a series of guest posts at Roll With It. It's quite small, about as small as could be in fact, a variation on a familiar face often overlooked. Also, if you're having trouble getting excited these days, my first post there tried to get the sparks flying, and ought to be good for an idea or two.

        Okay, I'm done - your time. Anything and everything very welcome.

        Update: The Warhammer rules adjustment comment at Yes, The Truth Hurts is here,
                     one up from the bottom; no response yet. I haven't found it at Beasts of War.

        Update: Lantz has just put out a call at Miniature Wargame Conversions for writers
                     and artists to help detail the Adeptus Mechanicus and Sons of Horus projects.

        Update: Auberon at Digital Waaagh! has put up the latest interview, with Gav Thorpe.


        Big Jim said...

        Great post full of awesome links and ideas.

        This is a great series of posts!


        The Happy Whisk said...

        Another post filled with neat nuggets. Good job, Porky!

        Porky said...

        Thanks to you both. I'm hoping it's useful, and gets us all inspired and new things posted. It would be great to see more activity week on week.

        James S said...

        Thanks for the mention Porky. I've looked at most of your links there, some great stuff. I'm having a bit of trouble working out what the D&D OSR actually is though.

        I feel like I'm missins something simple, like the first time I read an explanation of Twitter and I just couldn't grasp it! Now it boggles my mind that I didn't get it, it's so obvious and pervasive.

        Porky said...

        It's a fairly amorphous thing, in general an unofficial support for the earlier game, or other expressions of that gaming style. Johnathan Bingham explains it very well in this post.

        Colonel Kane said...

        Love it Porky - I've added an 'OSR' logo to our blog, so feel free to use it if you want!

        Porky said...

        That's a mighty fine logo! This thing's getting real. How do you feel about other blogs using it as well? I'll gladly find a home for it here.

        James S said...

        Ah, I get it! Well, I'm most definitely one of these OSR gamers. Or at least an O gamer!

        I've been cooking up a post about how much I loved D&D and exactly why I no longer play it. There's nothing new under the sun.