Friday, 22 April 2011

Deep thought Friday

We haven't had any deep thinking on a Friday for a while, not here anyway, or not intentionally, but yesterday's post qualifies so I'm linking back.

There are three questions, but the first and most important relates to our ability to be truly original. It's a biggie, and something that affects us all more directly than many of the past topics.

Come and join in the conversation, and check out the blog mentioned too. It's inspiring.


ArmChairGeneral said...

I like to mix it up a bit but use some familiar territory. If it is completely alien I reserve that for the completely evil or unknown. For a VSF game set on an Alternate Earth, however, I wanted to pull from some of the greats. My friends have helped me in some areas as indicated by past posts. I do have several ideas though for WTNW that will knock your socks off!

Oh and I've started a novel. It's a serial killer novel written from the first and third person perspective of a female. Yep. No she's not a slut. She's a mortician well first she was a CEO of an insurance company. It gets complicated but it's good and it's very original. You see there's this tree...

Porky said...

We get a bit of a free pass with pulp of course. In a sense we need to let the influences hang out - the audience may well be expecting to see them clearly. That said, it's always fun seeing how new ideas get woven into an established fabric, and WtNW does that well. Everything you've trailed so far has me interested.