Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Plea - strike - memory

In profound pain now, you gurgle out a desperate plea through the fall of oil. Even as the words leave there is a movement at the edge of sight, up by the tunnel. Something fine and sharp strikes you. Despite your rapidly freezing legs, a warm darkness flows in...

You open your eyes, blink, still heavy with sleep, but unrefreshed. Tired. Lying deep in grass below high branches, you move your legs half-aware; you dreamt they were lost.

You pause, sit up. The clearing is familiar. Something, something about it... But a wave of calm from within pushes at the doubts, dissolves them. Relax, it soothes, all is well.


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Trey said...

An interesting start!

Porky said...

Good to hear. It's also an end of sorts, the result of a decision taken at another scene in the story. If you ever want to add your own, just go for it.

The same goes for anyone else. All you need is a platform we can link to, you can link from, and where comments can be left. A blog is ideal. Just continue the story in any way you choose, from any point, and leave a comment at that point so the person knows to add the link on to your scene. Easy.

More on the concept here. The first scene is here.