Saturday, 21 January 2012

Magical madness, misfires and beer

There's a new community table up over at Gorgonmilk, for spellcaster madness. I kept forgetting, but I've remembered for long enough today to put some entries up. There are still 18 slots left if you have some ideas of your own and it could well get made a pdf.

Initially I though the table was for magical misfires, so here's one of those to use if you can. If you want to get a list going, feel free to drop any weird ideas in the comments.

  • Existential laceration: The caster rends one or more layers of reality with the path or area of effect of the spell. The regions in question are now riven with sheets or tendrils of a number of alternate existences. The caster and anyone touched by a region must save vs. death with a negative modifier equal to the level of the spell or have 1D3 existences each pierce a random major body part. Roll 1D6 for each such body part. It is: 1) permanently fixed in place; 2) cut cleanly if moved; 3) infused from within the existence, with the consequences dependent on the existence's nature; 4) massively distorted, perhaps extended or looped in on itself infinitely; 5) wondrously transmuted to an otherworldly nature; 6) lost into the existence permanently, but still an essential part of its owner, who now perceives the space beyond.

    The beer table could also have a few slots left if you have an idea for a fictional brew, and here's a video with the great Frank Zappa to lend a hand. More of his thinking here.

    Update: Gorgonmilk has moved here and the beer table is now here, and almost done.



    SinSynn said...

    Ah, Frank Zappa.
    Such a character.

    Porky said...

    He was surprisingly lucid for a rock star, and had a lot to say on things way beyond music, some of which are quite possibly more relevant than ever. It's been 20 years or so since he died, but it doesn't seem it, and even when he was alive he generally came across as younger than he was. The music often gets forgotten, but he put out plenty of albums as well and was clearly influential. There's a major legacy there.