Monday, 30 January 2012

Rogue Space at the Expanse

This is an index of content written or adapted for the Rogue Space system and posted here at the Expanse. I'll add new entries as more material goes up, and the footer will now link to this post.

Ruleset expansions

Starting characters and/or NPCs, general

  • Trippies - members of a tripedal human clade bioengineered for tough work
  • The Orəq - biopoietic homunculars of a colouration believed to be oracular

Starting characters and/or NPCs, for the Empyre setting

Vehicles, general

  • Finboard - a personal antigravitic platform used by Trippies, often powered
  • Skytrike - a compact antigravitic passenger vehicle able to tow the finboard

Vehicles, for the Empyre setting

  • Nova ATG - a versatile armoured transport gyrocopter for up to 15 humans
  • Flare ATG - a development of the Nova for deployment of the Storm chassis
  • Storm APC - an armoured personnel carrier built for deployment by the Flare
  • Dodeko ISV - an agile 24-wheeled amphibious buggy using inertial storage
  • Gycycle - a gyroscopically-balanced single-seater unicycle in everyday use
  • Hektid ASW - a large insectoid walker designed to traverse heavy terrains

Equipment, general

Equipment, for the Empyre setting

  • Big Morder - an indirect fire weapon able to launch a variety of shells

Background for the Empyre setting is available here, with all of the Empyre posts here.

*   Reorganised, revised and expanded for Rogue Transmission #1.
**  Reorganised, revised and expanded for Rogue Transmission #2.



Fenway5 said...

Thanks for creating so many great additional resources! I really appreciate all your imaginative and great work to make Rogue Space more expansive!

EvilDM said...

Forgive me ignorance, but what is, 'Rogue Space, the Expanse'?

Porky said...

@ Fenway5 - No problem at all - still a long way to go though. I'm putting the finishing touches to the history and working in that Derelict material.

@ EvilDM - I should be asking your forgiveness for not making it clearer. Rogue Space is a rules-light roleplaying game by Fenway5. The link at the top of the post lead to the free downloads of the core rules and supplements, and the links in the final line of the footer are to unofficial supporting materials being developed by various bloggers. The Expanse is this blog and I'm a fan of the simplicity and potential in the system - my original review is here. If you feel like jumping in with an idea or two, for settings, protagonists, optional rules etc. go right ahead.

garrisonjames said...

This is a handy guide to all the great stuff you've produced so far. The Human Empyre is really coalescing into something very cool.