Saturday, 7 January 2012

40K OSR? (13)

Long time, no update, so this time it's massive.

As usual, if you're not sure what a 40K OSR? could be, there are potential definitions here.

If you identify with it, especially if you're coming up with new material, Colonel Kane's logo, to the right, is ready to use. If you do, consider giving him credit and adding Tales from the Maelstrom to your roll. The battle report the guys posted just before Christmas should be reason enough.

This time milestones, bad news and possible surprises, plus the usual wild cards at the end.

... and both of those links could almost be wild cards, making me think the distinction might be blurring as time goes by. Here are the three that seem just outside this time.

All related posts here get the 40K OSR? label, so you can keep up with what I see. If you think I've missed anything, go right ahead and leave the link to it in the comments.

Update: As usual I find one right away - Spyglass Asylum has a John Blanche mini.


Atom Kid said...

Thanks for the mention!

sonsoftaurus said...

Thanks for all the plugs and re-plugs! 40KOSR4EVA!

Porky said...

Thank you for getting stuck in - 40KOSR?RULESOK.