Friday, 6 January 2012

Rogue Space - Controvertor field

Another adaptation for the Rogue Space project.

Controvertor Field

The controvertor field is a staple of defence in the human Empyre, whether fitted to orbital platforms, combat vehicles, strongpoints or the architectural follies of the increasingly paranoid Directors. It is a key feature of the Nova ATG Mk. IV, a deep insertion and command variant of the transport gyrocopter.

Relatively low tech even in these days of hardship, a controvertor field needs little more than a sensor, a responsive energy store and a damped repellor. It works by detecting and opposing any sufficiently high velocity incoming energy, ideally shunting it aside.

A Controvertor Field may be mounted on a vehicle using the construction rules, either in a Compartment or as an item of Hardware. Protection is directional, and provided in 90° arcs. If coverage is less than 360°, facings may be varied manually from turn to turn, or automatically if targetting software or hardware is fitted, or excess capacity is available.

The field adds 1 point of Protection to every Location attacked through one 90° arc, per point spent, e.g. +2 across 180° = four points. For every full 20 points of Engineering the vehicle has, base cost rises by one point. The field is assumed per point per arc to be equivalent in size to five humans or rated XL+1, and is recorded under Engineering.

OPTIONAL: If the number of Hit Points of damage rolled for a Location is 5 points or more higher than field Protection, the field shorts and may not be used until overhauled.

OPTIONAL: While field spread is set to envelop a form as tightly as possible, attacks at Range S or below may ignore a field either partially or fully at the discretion of the GM.



SinSynn said...

Had to follow a bunch of links to find out what this was all about!
Cool stuffs.
I'd sure like to see someone incorporate ideas like these into a rpg/minigame hybrid of some sort.
Customizing loadouts, equipment and gear...hero characters and ongoing campaign with experience points for 'leveling up'...
...or sumpthin.'
I dunno, just thinking out loud here...

Porky said...

Thinking out loud is much admired in these parts. I like your ideas, and I'm working on a game along just those lines, but ArmChairGeneral will likely have his skirmish/RPG mix out before that. For now I'd recommend a look at this game, Rogue Space. It's a simple introductory RPG, but it can do a lot. There are a few of us now putting out homebrew material, building up the options. The RS downloads are here, and free, and my review is here.