Saturday, 7 April 2012

Grilled Porky

The interview I did with Loquacious for the ID series is up here at World of Wonder. If you don't know the series, the subject is game design and it goes wide and deep. All of the interviews are here, and to anyone interested in gaming I recommend a good read. 


Loquacious said...

Just for further perusal, please see the following:

Sidney Roundwood said...

Porky, I thought it was a very fine interview indeed. It raised many interesting questions. I loved the detailed approach which both of you followed. What stimulated me about this discussion is that there's so many avenues for exploration - I was thinking at a tangent by the fourth paragraph! On parapraxis and randomness, there's so many places where that discussion leads - for me, there's a clear cross-over, or inter-action, with Clausewitz's "friction". Thinking about the different perspectives of an event (whether it's happening to you, or whether your view is detached, objective and forensic) is a really fascinating journey. Thanks again - I'm now going off to read the other ten interviews over the weekend!

Porky said...

@ Loquacious - Tell me I didn't miss that... I'm terrible at noticing page tabs on blogs.

For anyone who wants to go straight there, have a direct link.

@ Sidney Roundwood - Thanks very much - coming from you it's a fine compliment, and I'm sure Loquacious will also be happy to hear it too. It was a lot of fun, an energised, fluid and mixed up thing, so much so I have a sense the words haven't stored very much of the magic of the thinking as it was at the time. That makes it even happier you saw beyond the words and went further - the friction idea for one ties right in. I can feel that potential for tangents too, interconnected paths splaying out at various points into strange spaces, and as I wrote under the post, I'd like to explore a few of them further, maybe in the DtF series or in a dedicated run of posts. We'll see. I can imagine you'll be buzzing as well if you condense all those interviews into a single weekend.