Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Ceramic monitor commune

A while ago I rolled up a term on the unpublished Worldboat table. It turned out I didn't need it then so here it is now: ceramic monitor commune. I'm interested in any weird ideas for what it might be.


Porky said...

So much traffic and nothing but tumbleweed. How about this:

Ceramic monitors are nano-oneiromorphs which for purposes unknown even to themselves are tasked with inspecting the multiplicitous ceramics generated in their Worldboat upon entry to the current universe and in the spaces around. The remote individuals on their aeon-long shifts form a constant commune dreaming, debating and fabricating ideal materials, and elements and vessels thereof, in known and anticipated transhyperspherical clays and crystals.

If media, means and message can be established, and mechanisms bypassed, data transfer from the closed channels and reservoirs may be possible. In game terms, this will provide information on the locations and properties of local ceramic structures and allow a positive modifier of one degree to interactions with them.

So many other interpretations of those three words are still possible, and they could be much shorter and simpler than my example. It's a good imaginative workout. Who will step up?

garrisonjames said...

Interesting and nicely done. This should definitely go into the worldboats pdf...