Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Dust-offs & Debunking

In the first part of what looks like being a long and intriguing series, Rob Kuntz at Lord of the Green Dragons has this to say about the rather fashionable - maybe advantageous? - efforts to reconstruct 'correct' approaches to early RPGs:

The more you vest in "this must be the way it is done, because Rob, or Dave, or Hargrave, or EGG the Magnificent," did it that way, you have reached the dead end of creative and spontaneous thought and action, the very essence of the original game as composed for creative individuals.

But that's just, like, his opinion. Right? If you need help with a get-out, it could be the understanding that what the creators of D&D gave us wasn't an RPG, but a wargame.

If you want an OD&D primer, Von is doing an overview at HoP, with 1, 2, 3 parts so far.


Trey said...

Very interesting. Thanks for the links.

SinSynn said...

Von's OD & D posts have been awesome.
Who knew Puddings could be so troublesome?

Porky said...

@ Trey - It's a good set for sure and my pleasure as always.

@ SinSynn - There's even jelly in there, which makes dungeoncrawling start to sound like a dinner date. It's also a reminder the idea of dungeon hunter-gathering seems underused.