Saturday, 23 July 2011

Myth, the universe and sucking

I finally got around to the first Myth-Marked Merchandising. This is something Jennie set up at Nine Worlds, Ten Thousand Things. The idea in the first is to use a group of words suggestive of Twilight, but avoid vampires and werewolves. Here are the words:

bestial, bloodlust, breaking dawn, eclipse, fanged, new moon, phoenix, sparkle, swan, transformation, twilight

Man it's tough. I've skirted the limits by using the suggestions as if explaining unfamiliar concepts. It's 140 words, the number C'nor suggests for Flash Fearsday. I've also tied it in with the ongoing Worldboat project at NetherWerks, building on this post especially.

Your universe has a sparkle, a twinkle. It is youth, a breaking dawn over the forests of the cosmos. It is a new moon; its tides bring a spawning in the seas of being. 
These words are a transformation, in order that you might understand, a translation not unlike ours from the laws of one universe to another. We were once swan - composed, sleek - but are reborn in this outlandish form. Not quite phoenix - more bestial. We are fanged you might say. But who does this reflect? We are not ourselves here. Is bloodlust not what the entropy of your universe demands? 
The stable paths were collapsing and we fled. Flee. But what? That is hard to translate. An eclipse perhaps, a twilight in existence. 
And we will be found here. 
We may herald your noon, afternoon, evening and night.

The Worldboat project is young too, and collaborative with it, and more than big enough for different interpretations. Who does this speaker speak for? We just don't know.

You can read more entries here, even add one. Expansion Joints is due tomorrow.

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