Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Oooh, pretty... - Living table (3) - Entries 1-10

I don't know if these crystal cave pics are doing the rounds. If you haven't seen them, they're well worth a look for the wonder as well as inspiration.

The shapes remind me a little of obelisks, most likely because I still have in mind the Obelisk at Dawn scenario for Risus at engine of thwaak and that fallen obelisk terrain tile at NetherWerks.

It got me inspired enough to think about a cave contents table for DM Muse, like Small Creatures and Bodies of Water, but again NetherWerks are on it with their own Cave & Tunnel Hazards.

Then I thought of a table of rocks and crystals, maybe weird ones. Greg's totems for Novarium, explained here, and the post on the jeweller up at the moment at The Tao of D&D have that covered in part, but there's always scope for strange new types.

The idea ties in with the mines posts here too, the intro and nascent list of fictional mines and resources. The material might have effects of some sort, desirable or not, and if mined could impact the local community and area, later the wider world.

Needles deals with the subject in science fantasy with the Fuel Traders of Nimbus IV, maybe as satire. That theme of exploitation is also there in Moon too I remember now, a good film. A Field Guide to Doomsday also posted the borer blimp recently, not to mention back in February the very imaginative quarilla, an organic crystalline blend.

Thinking about those crystals then, here are some ideas to start off a living table.

  1. These formations bleed a palpable energy into the surrounding space.
  2. These formations absorb energies of all kinds, but whither do they go?
  3. These formations are soft to the touch, flexible and strong.
  4. These crystals sparkle, but to the rhythm of no light that falls upon them.
  5. These crystals leak - no, whisper - the knowledge of aeons.
  6. These crystals are hollow, the larger forming the passages of a strange network.
  7. These structures are growing visibly, branching and filling the space.
  8. The structures seem to convey something - are they a vast communications grid?
  9. These structures extend filaments into rock and flesh alike, growing on within.
  10. The pillars here support the world, perhaps even... Yes, even the fabric of reality...

I've just added all of these to DM Muse and they should be up soon. It's a living table, which means anyone can add new entries - if you have a good idea, don't hold back.

Update: How about treating that crack on Talysman's latest geomorph as a crystal?


Needles said...

Thanks for the shout out & the awesome tables porky!

Jedediah said...

I just came across this guy on deviantArt who makes Bismuth crystals. Those make me think of asteroids and cities that were grown instead of built. Crystal tower, anyone?

NetherWerks said...

Glad you liked the Terrain Tile. We'll make a few more, now that we know that someone is actually using them...

@Jedidiah--that is a wonderful link! Thanks for sharing that--it really fits into some of the Orbital Ruins geomorphs that we've been prepping for Netherwerks...

Porky said...

@ Needles - Shoutouts are nothing - thank you for the quality of the material!

@ Jedediah - Very good find. Beautiful, and the idea of a tower of that type does grab the imagination. The passages and spaces inside would would make for interesting exploration. Also, we don't often think about the influence of building materials in games, but here's a situation odd enough to make me wonder at possible effects.

@ NetherWerks - More can only be good. An obelisk of that prettiness falling in such attractive surroundings can only have shaken things up. Sounds like you'll be doing more of that, and we all benefit from fresh thinking.