Sunday, 13 November 2011

40K OSR? (12)

Here goes with another full 40K OSR? update.

First things first - if you're wondering what a 40K OSR might be, potential definitions are here.

If you identify with the concept, and especially if you're coming up with new ideas, Colonel Kane's logo, which is here on the right, is ready to use.

If you do use it, consider giving him credit and adding Tales from the Maelstrom to your roll. The last post had a converted Rogue Trader crew member, and before that a set of four Zoats.

As ever, you can find all the most recent related posts using the 40K OSR? label.

        For the wild card this time there's more on scaling-down from 28mm, with Tabletop Fix looking at using 15mm substitutes for Mantic's Kings of War at BoLS; the discussion covered Epic and 40K too. If you like the idea and you haven't yet, you might want to check out the possible 6mm Necrons, Squats and imperials linked up at this post.

        As usual, feel free to suggest anything you think should be here, even your own posts.

        Update: I've just found Codicium Aeternum, where The March Rider is converting a good-looking Inquisition force, with one mini even using a Rogue Trader-era plasma gun. Also, Nick at The Dice Abide is looking to build alternative DE grotesques.



        The Happy Whisk said...

        Thanks for the list of goodies, Porky. Have a fun week. Happy Writing.

        izeColt said...

        Thanks for the shout out, Porky!

        Porky said...

        @ The Happy Whisk - Thanks very much, and to you too for what's left of it.

        @ izeColt - No trouble at all - it's always my pleasure.

        Bix said...

        I'm not getting to drop by anywhere near as often as I'd like at the mo, so belated thanks for the continued support Porky.

        And keep up the great work, the OSR is a great series.

        Porky said...

        No worries at all - again, it's my pleasure. But you have to keep your series going for just the same reason.