Sunday, 20 November 2011

Trunk - bark - object

You approach the trunk, the drone of the voices rising. The body of the oak is so broad that to reach it you are forced to climb out from among the ferns and delving root arcs almost onto the curved flank of the tree itself, up under the thick lower branches.

The bark is weathered and worn, run through with fissures, and rippling with heavy folds. Tiny creatures flitter, alight and wander across the skin. Those voices... They draw your sight off. And then, there, beyond a large curtain fold of bark you see - what? A sharp edge, a dark form, an object perhaps soft in texture... You stare. Dare you reach in?

But there is so much else still to explore here... The paths run up and down from the clearing, and behind you, amid the undergrowth and the roots, lies the dark hollow.

Reach into the fold of bark   Blog One
Investigate the hollow   Blog One  Blog Two
Go down the hill   Blog One  Blog Two
Go up   Blog One  Blog Two


Porky said...

This is a scene in a cross-blog adventure, one of 34 so far spread across six different venues.

Begin exploring at the base of the ancient tree.

Anyone with a place to write to and link from can carry the story on, and from any point. To find out how read this.

Trey said...

Nice set-up, for sure.

Porky said...

Jump in any time you feel like it. You could even run it through the City...