Wednesday, 21 March 2012

40K OSR? (18)

The latest 40K OSR? update. What's an OSR?

Could be an Old School Renaissance, an Other School Renaissance or even an Optional School Renaissance, or not, and maybe the 'R' stands for 'Review', 'Revolution' or 'Revelation'. Maybe...

Colonel Kane's logo is to the right. If you use it, consider giving him credit and adding Tales from the Maelstrom to your blogroll for the inspiration.

Here we go then - even more of that inspiration.

      If I've overlooked anything this time round, feel free to leave a link - even your own work.

      Update: I missed Ron's post at From the Warp on sculpting hair and beards, as well as this 28mm Inquisitor force at The Grim Darkness, of which there's even more here.


      Headologist said...

      Some excellent pieces there, thanks very much

      Tael said...

      Great list; been able to add a couple to my reading list. Thanks for the time and effort :)

      - T.

      Porky said...

      No problem, and thanks for taking the time to comment. If a list like this means more eyes on posts like that, I'm happy, and I'd go as far as to say we all benefit - it's a win-win.

      Warhammer In Progress said...

      Thanks for the shout out Porky, it really helps promote the hobby and blogs with posts like these. Great stuff.

      Porky said...

      I hope so, and it's my pleasure.