Friday, 9 March 2012

Rogue Space - Gycycle

Here's another Empyric vehicle for Rogue Space. We already have a transport gyrocopter, an APC payload and a 24-wheel buggy, but nothing small or mainly civilian. How do Citiʒants get to work..?

Gycycle, or Gyke

The Gycycle is a gyroscopically-balanced single-seater unicycle, the preeminent private vehicle in the Empyre for the Directors fear more than ever the interaction that Publick transport brings. The armoured cocoon is a concession to Imployee survival, and the turboost allows avoidance of Potholers. It is widely armed for the Uncivil Discourse.

C     20%    [1]   Cocoon (1 rider, high-sided)
H     20%    [1]   Panniers, Glove Compartment, Lunchbox
A     20%    [1]   C:H: 1  S: 1
S     40%    [2]   25', may leap up to half move (min. total move 10'; max. apex 5')
E     100%     5

The homebrew vehicle rules are here, and there'll be a revised version going into Rogue Transmissions. If you're new to RS, it's a rules-light RPG by Fenway5, but a few of us are posting our own ideas for it. If you have any, don't be shy. My original review is here.



garrisonjames said...

Armored Combat Unicycles--that would be a great miniatures/skirmish game!

Porky said...

You give me too many ideas already...