Monday, 5 March 2012

40K OSR? (17)

Yet another batch of 40K OSR? links, because the posts are coming thick and fast. There are some definitions for 'OSR' here, but my current mood has me thinking 'Other School Revelation'.

Colonel Kane's logo is to the right. If you identify with the idea and want to use it, consider giving him the credit and adding the great Tales from the Maelstrom to your blogroll as an inspiration.

    • Following all of which, I'll give a mention to my own crewbrew expansion.

        You know how it works: if I've missed anything, just leave a link, even to your own posts.


        Big Jim said...

        A fantastic list as always!

        The BAO Narrative even that was mentioned last time on 40k OSR has happened. I was a glorious success!

        With plenty of House Rules, explosions and many trips to a pocket dimension for that added Old School Flavor!

        More posts and reports will be appearing this week!


        Big Jim said...

        oops, that should read mentioned recently!

        scottsz said...

        I'm at work, and just out of morbid curiosity, decided to pull down the source code of your blog page and count how many hyperlinks were present.

        Including all the blogrolls, etc., you have 1741 clickable links on your page.

        Totally off topic, but I'm always amazed at just how many links are here at the Expanse...

        Porky said...

        @ Big Jim - Last time too, for those fine house rules you posted. You're still doing a fair bit of the lifting when it comes to homebrew - you're a champion. I'll be very happy to read more about the event, and that pocket universe especially. Any Killzone Evolution bits and pieces as well - I like the idea KZ can be a core for more experimentation, more tinkering with what system exactly it is that drives the 40K.

        For anyone who hasn't copied the address in yet, here's a direct link.

        @ scottsz - That's pretty amazing. But it's part of the point of course, that the quality and quantity of what's out there is also amazing. It takes almost nothing to drop the link in, especially through the editor, and there's so much to see, interpret, mull over and reference. Links start dialogues, even without comments; the influences show up elsewhere, maybe in a rule tweaked or a sculpting tool picked up. It's how we develop. Even through the act of linking itself - skill to do comes of doing: the more linking, the easier it gets till it's just a natural step.

        Big Jim said...

        Thanks Porkster, you are too kind. I just enjoy doing what I do and sharing it with the community!

        More KZ evo coming soon, as well as a series of posts on narrative gaming!


        Lead Legion said...

        Great update as always Porky. The In The Emperor's Name campaign has been delayed for a few weeks (seems every second player had an excuse for why his list needed just a little more work before we stopped the "teaching games") but starts up for real next week. Battlereports and photographs to follow.

        Porky said...

        @ Big Jim - The enjoyment shines through and I'm looking forward to it all.

        @ Lead Legion - I checked again there was nothing up just before posting, but quality is worth waiting for - in this case too I'll be very happy to see whatever you show. What you're doing also fits very well.

        Lead Legion said...

        Thanks Porky. I just thought you'd like an update on how things were developing. Trying to run a campaign at my gaming group is worse than herding cats.

        FD Mini Painting said...

        Thanks porky for linking our post and commenting on it got alot more hits than normal we are following you back of course great stuff! may do some bat reps with the nomads soon just thought id let you know in case you interested
        allan and S

        Porky said...

        @ Lead Legion - I know the trouble. There are games queuing up here at the moment and we're missing every chance to get one in.

        @ FD Mini Painting - That would be a treat. There's not much in the way of reports on the GW specialist games, and on the less common elements like the nomads they're as rare as hen's teeth. I'll be keeping an eye out.