Wednesday, 7 March 2012

For more sting in the tail...

Javascript folds. You can see them used to hide spoilers at this post at Book Scorpion's Lair - another fine write-up, on a Cthulhu by Gaslight session - but it could do even more, like break up long posts without forcing a full reload. More reason to join the menagerie.

But be careful if you do try it - better safe than sorry when it comes to template code...


Jedediah said...

Thank you for the shout out.
I absolutely hate to open single posts in a new window and that was the main reason I started to use spoilers. They keep my main page from getting overloaded by long posts and people still can read them without opening a new tab/window. But maybe that's just me :)

The Happy Whisk said...

Hi Porky: This very cool. Most times I don't read blogs that have reviews or write about a show that I haven't seen yet, because they give too much away.

But this is cool.

Hope you are well. I'm tired today. Home from work and finishing the chores for the day.

How goes you?

Porky said...

@ Jedediah - You're not alone. I do the same with the stock page break, when I remember at least, usually to non-list posts that have a clear break point, for just those reasons, and I see some of the same when wandering the blogs. That said, it's not a heavily used feature, but then it wasn't obvious to me at first, and it probably took this post at Brent's blog to start me off. Your new approach could also be used for digressions, or getting straight to a Joesky Tax. You've got me wondering now how it is that a link at some blogs opens the destination post in a new window, but at others it opens in the same.

@ The Happy Whisk - Thinking about that F-bombing, it could even be used to hide the naughtier bits, or tailor material to readers with different interests, given a big audience could well be a mixed one. You could also use it to give quiz answers in the same post, and gaming blogs could hide designer's notes or advanced rules. Ran a few errands today, but there's more lined up just because it's been a busy couple of weeks. I've just chomped through more of those mashed beans with onion, and it's a flavour that's not getting old yet. This batch tasted so sweet when it was still warm it was almost a dessert.