Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Anyone who fancies writing a short story for an OSR anthology should have a read of this and especially this. Arkhein can forward the finished guidelines and away you go.

Inspired by that, as well as this post at A Gentleman's Ones, the full run at Creepy Corridor and Inside the Tome at OSH, here's a simple rule for wargame campaigns.

Scribe or Observer, Watcher, Thinker, Fast Learner etc.

Experience and the knowledge it represents are far mightier than any mere armoury.

Before each game, each player secretly records one non-command infantry model in his or her army as being a scribe. If a scribe survives, the player gains one re-roll on any die in all future games in which that scribe participates. Number of scribes may increase.

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