Saturday, 13 August 2011

Oooh, pretty... - Living table (3) - Entries 11-20

If you've ever wanted to see particular ideas used for a hollow Earth, Venus or Mercury setting, ArmChairGeneral is gathering suggestions for the next When the Navy Walked supplements.

The hollow Earth in the WtNW universe is called Earthin, and the descriptions out so far had me pretty excited. The mood's back now, so here are some more rock and crystal ideas to go with it.

Some are likely inspired by Mr Pratchett's thinking - hardly surprising - and one or two might aspire to be entries in the wild Barrier Trappings table up now at NetherWerks.

  1. This crystal has the consistency of a diffuse gas and flows within its outline.
  2. This pellucid crystal refracts white light into new and strange colours.
  3. This opaque crystal acts as a lens, magnifying images not real but imagined.
  4. This rock is so dense that small amounts exert a perceptible gravitational pull.
  5. This porous rock is run through with fine channels used for respiration.
  6. These nodules emit a warmth or cool in opposition to prevailing conditions.
  7. This structure vibrates delicately to shocks distant in space or time.
  8. This formation is in fact a small creature.
  9. This formation appears to be the fossilised remains of a vast primordial creature.
  10. This complex material is drawn to a kin separated from it at the formation of the world; it moves toward that other, as a stalagmite, a stalactite or a worked item.

The first batch went up here a couple of weeks ago, and they're also listed in the living table at DM Muse, which anyone can add to. The idea of the table is to offer inspiration for fiction, especially gaming, and be randomly determined too if that's what's needed.

The post following yesterday's will be along at some point soon. I just got distracted.

Update: Cursed13 at The Dark Workshop explains how to build crystal terrain pieces.


NetherWerks said...

Those are really interesting, and they'd certainly make very evocative 'trappings' for the Barrier power in Savage Worlds. Maybe DM Muse will allow some Living Tables that are oriented towards Savage Worlds?

Porky said...

Thanks, but yours is the wilder ride! It's the kind of content that inspires thinking well beyond the nominal focus. As for DM Muse, why not? As the site grows, the tables could be labelled by system focus too.