Thursday, 25 August 2011

Tom Bombadil and the octopus

The discussion at the post on Conan, books and movies is still going and thanks to Von and Jedediah got me thinking about two linked things. One is the octopus from The Goonies, one Tom Bombadil.

The octopus of course makes for one of the finest jokes in the movie. There was a scene filmed with the kids fighting it off, but it didn't make the final cut, quite rightly I think. But a later reference is left in, and this makes for a sharp comment on the nature of at least one character, maybe these particular individuals, possibly young people in general, or even all of us. The cut here says a lot about that world.

Tom Bombadil of course is famously cut from the trilogy of the early 2000s, and more besides. The feeling seems to be that he adds little to the narrative, that the reasonable, efficient thing is leave him out. That to me shows a poor feel for the nature of the story, specifically an aspect seen well in the return to the Shire. Tolkien put him there, and as an element possibly more essential than nearly any other. It's tragic given omission like that seems to be a core theme of the work.

Then again, as the discussion suggests, there are many readings.


The Happy Whisk said...

Hey Porky. Popping in to say a Big Howdy Hello to you. Prep went great today. Hope your work went just as good.


Porky said...

Good to hear. Yep, finally got it all cleared, for today anyway. Howdy hello to you too, all of you.