Friday, 5 August 2011

Refusal - tube - darkness

You cry out your refusal, loud, almost in fear. It fills the clearing. A crash of leaves in the tree above suggests creatures taking flight. A rush of air sways low-hanging branches.

Then calm returns. But the voices go on. Rough, metallic.

You stand, wait, wonder what to do. Stare at the trunk intently. Moments pass and your gaze wanders. You look down, at winding roots and ferns, and notice... What is that?

A slender tube, rising low among fronds, just a stride away. It stands aged, weathered, with a heavy dent; a snail rests on the outside, on a silvered climb up from the leaf litter.

You step forward, lean to look in. A distant clang echoes up. And with it a fragrance, warm and good; overwhelming. Food - such wonderful food! And domesticity. Safety?

Is there a way down? You look round, see great roots arching over a shaded space, a burrow-like opening. A shallow slope drops away, down into a deep green darkness.

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Porky said...

This is a scene in one of many possible adventures, one of 32 scenes so far spread across six different blogs.

Begin exploring at the base of the ancient tree.

Anyone with a blog can carry the story on, and from any point. To find out how read this.

Paul´s Bods said... could be the modern version of the Yggdrasil..

Porky said...

You mentioned that at the oak post too and I wouldn't rule out there being a connection. Certain ideas are hard to escape, especially if we don't keep watch, or even know they're there.

If you wanted to jump in, you could do an illustrated scene too. It's a flexible thing. Your imagination could move things on very well.

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

Yggdrasil, Tree of Life, kin to Draemnos*, Tree of Death. But which do we have here? Are the voices those of people yet to be born, or the spirits of the dead? Or, if Yggdrasil, it could be that it's the minds of all living things? Or, is it the voice of the tree itself?

*Is there an actual Tree of Death in mythology?

Paul´s Bods said...

@C`nor...yes...the´s in the hebraic tradition according to M. Mathers.

Porky said...

Qliphoth was the closest I got too. It might be the associations we make with trees don't lend themselves to the idea of A Tree of Death, but it certainly seems something that could be built on in speculative fiction.