Monday, 28 February 2011

Beyond Valhalla

If you've been following the build-up to Valhalla, you might like to know that Shawn at Blue Table Painting has been posting and put the first video up at the channel. Relief all round - it did work out after all. The message from here is very clear: live the dream.

If it's your kind of weekend, this post has details of the next, for more than just 40K.


Lauby said...

what the what?! That's awesome.

GEM Team said...

very nice

Porky said...

It's the culmination of a project that's been building since late last year, and at the time it seemed a real mountain to climb. It's great to see they actually pulled it off.

If they've put up a schedule for the year, they must have got great feedback, and from what I've seen it deserves to grow and grow.

If you don't keep up with the BTP blogs or vids, I recommend it. It's pretty eclectic, but full of ideas and it gets me smiling.