Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Need input

What if that ?siD really does exist? How could it be proven? Here are a few of the latest posts from our part of the blogopshere on getting data, the uses of it and its value.

A Soviet sample return mission that never got off the ground at Beyond Apollo. Such a lot of work for such little quantities. It's all we have.

One day the data in this world-building spreadsheet at The Orb might be matched against that for other systems. Until then we dream. Nanotech helps with that of course, as this post at Science In My Fiction reminds us. Even fantasy fans might like the idea that the long-lost Damascus steel could have had nanotubes.

For a cool take on the world-building that is terraforming, try the Garteil at Riskail.

Interesting thoughts on trusting instruments at Ghost Hunting Theories. Esoteric the field may seem, but I'd say the point is a wider one. I'm no Luddite, but I stand by my comment: "Industry might be the point. There's money in those devices, but also the impression of science in carrying one."

More on the mind and body in the latest post, if you're happy with horror and can accept strong language. Never hurts to read the criticism either.


Paul´s Bods said...

I once told a work colleague to imagine,that everything he sees, feels, does and experiences is all down to ME. He had to think of an excuse as to why that couldn´t be so. Eventually he gave up becuase every excuse he came up with I just answered with "cos I let you" In that sense I pretended to be god and he had to justify his existance within the realm that I had invented. The one advantage he had was that "his god" could reply to any theories and questions.
This made his world real...comunication of his thoughts. Maybe that is all it is anyway
BTW...I did this 15 years ago..before all the matrix poop.
The "experiment" ended on my part when he became ever more obssesed with the idea and was more or less "stalking" me for answers to his own existance...As if I bloody knew!!!!

What´s real for some is not for others and visa versa. What counts as god for one..or extra teresstial..is the devil for others.
I´m off again....:-D

Porky said...

That could be a fun game, and not so different from the GM-player relationship... Then again, with the need we have to know and believe I can well understand it might develop into excruciating torture.

You as deity reminds me of Liam Gallagher being asked: "How are you, Liam?". The answer? "Godlike." Second attempt: "How you feeling?" The answer..? Well, yes. Here it is.

Funny too, because now you do have vast armies you bring to life.