Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Maelstrom churns

Good things with patience - there's a new mash-up battle report over at Tales from the Maelstrom, their specialty. This has a Deathwatch kill team, Slann and a happy mix of Necromunda and Rogue Trader rules, not to mention something we love here, a portal.

I recommend reading the earlier reports too. Lots of good ideas and 40K history.

If you want some Slann yourself, you could start at The Stuff of Legends with one of the early catalogue pages, filed here under 'TSF'. If the originals are hard to find, there are those good substitutes at diceRolla, and maybe they could be converted from Kroot?

For another take on frog-like aliens try ix. There must be many more too.

As an aside, how do 40K fans feel about the Old Ones and backstory these days? I see the attraction of having details laid out, but can't help feeling there's mystery been lost.


Papa JJ said...

Hey, Porky! I was so entertained by the battle report to which you had linked I forgot to come back here to say thanks. I always enjoy following along to see where your explorations have lead as you find the most interesting of things. Thank you for sharing with us!

Porky said...

No worries, and thanks for the mention at Tales!

Colonel Kane said...

Hey guys - thanks for your kind words! Very cool blog Porky, I'll check in regularly from now on :-)

Porky said...

Thanks! It makes me happy to think you're stopping by too. The kind words we can't help - I think I probably speak for Papa and many, many others if I say I love what you're doing. If only more knew about it. How about using that talent, experience and playtesting ability to put a great new indie skirmish game down on paper or screen? There's an audience and a market and ever more interest. Look at how places like BoLS are changing. You could shift plenty of copies.

Colonel Kane said...

That's very kind of you, many thanks. I have been working on a set of homebrew skirmish rules for a while, so I really should get around to making them playable :-)