Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Talk Tuesday

It's Talk Tuesday again!

This time too the point is to give a summary of where the discussions have been going on lately, even deep inside the blog, so the good ideas, recommendations and musings of the commenters don't go to waste.

Here's the list of posts this time round, loosely arranged from most to least active.

A wild card this week too, a post still without a response despite being no heavier than the latest. It's scary, possibly offensive and may be uncomfortable, so maybe that's it?

Be my guest!


The Happy Whisk said...

It's funny how one post will get a ton of hits and comments and others won't. By the way, good idea for a post, what you did here.

Chris Kutalik said...

Agree with Happy Whisk. Sometimes I know if I frame a post a certain way say with good open-ended questions that it will generate a fair number of commentary, but otherwise I am in the dark. Certain posts I think will get a rise don't and some that I think not so hot will get a bunch of comments.

Also agree that this is a nice way to revisit old posts. Perhaps I may borrow a page from your book.

The Happy Whisk said...

Hi ckutalik and Porky: Tim (Hubby at Gothridge Manor), did a quick little post once about rocking a bathroom Medieval style, and he got a ton of hits. Not sure how many comments but I know it was a crazy amount of hits and most of them were from Texas. It's just so weird how it works.

Porky said...

Yep, almost a lottery. The D1 post for example I thought would be a complete flop, but now we're up at 60+ comments and counting. The last open question, on the 40K backstory no less, got zero!

If not Austin, then Texas. Is it the hobby hub of the planet?

The Happy Whisk said...

I dunno, but those Texans sure like to rock their bathrooms, Medieval style.

Just put a chicken in the oven and I'm headed to make bread to go with it. Ah ... that's the good stuff. Hope you ate something yummy today.

Chris Kutalik said...

Yep that we do, I am just putting the touches on my oubliette's bathtub.

Hmm maybe tomorrow I will write a post that somehow links old school gaming to the Coq au Vin I made last night.

Trey said...

I think a lot of times, a comment's needed to break the ice. People don't seem to want to be first to start the conversation sometimes, but will chime in after somebody else does.

Porky said...

@ The Happy Whisk - A vegetable soup and oat, raisin and cocoa biscuits, all home-made of course. I'd go that chicken though.

@ ckutalik - I'd read that, with even more relish than usual.

@ Trey - Could well be, and it makes sense. I also have a theory that too much in the first comment puts a lid on things. Many a time I've put all my thoughts down first, then later seen that little else was added. I try to keep it briefer now at the top and deal with one aspect only.

The Happy Whisk said...

I'll trade you some of our chicken for a biscuit or two.

Porky said...