Wednesday, 23 February 2011

On moving on

All things pass, and that feels like a lot today.

Warhammer 39,999 reminds us 2 March is Old Stuff Day, a day of blogging renewal. But what about the balance of new and old elsewhere?

Over at Totally Jinxed is a post reflecting on ageing as a woman, with a twist of humour and horror. Is it ever time to move on? How do we know?

Many of us know Ron Saikowski at From the Warp has put the blog in stasis. Brent has an interview with him at Bell of Lost Souls. Here's Ron:

For me, it's a matter of perspective... while the hobby (and hobby time) is important, my family and time with them are far more important. For those who have children, they grow up so fast and you can't replace the time you get with them.

Time brings revelations, and change which can be for the better. I say we need to take risks, but well considered and generous, mutually beneficial. When men and women made the "intellectual jump" that brought the wolf through the door, we gained; maybe the wolf too. Science In My Fiction covers this. The enemy at the gate our best friend.

Old understandings change. But will we be forgotten, and the things we care about? Over at Strange Horizons, Alastair Reynolds is quoted on change in sci-fi:

Trad Hard SF withers and dies with appalling swiftness, and doesn’t get re-read very much.

Our world is old and dying, but also young and vital. Who would be immortal? Would life grow bland or is age a virtue? Could we even live in the future? Technically, perhaps we could, as Greg at the Cascade Failure blog suggests with an extract of his new rules, assuming we wanted to. But intellectually, emotionally? We here now may be the best possible friends in all of history. Or will we finally be understood at the end of time?

The Digital Cuttlefish put up a haunting post some time back on voluntary euthanasia, a complement to the post on star stuff, which links to Spinoza again too.

There is also the knowledge of one of our good blogging friends, who suffered the loss of a family member recently, that life can defy the supposed odds.

For now the sun shines even behind the clouds, and spring is on the path around it.


The Happy Whisk said...

Nicely written.

Paul´s Bods said...

The titel suggests a religious leaning. I won´t move on..I will STOP!!
Time....we all live in the same time frame...and I try to treat people of every age that way. we are all the same age as far as I am Now. There was a past, I can prove it by for example reading posts I have made here...but I will read them in the, and not in the past. I can remeber ceration events...but I remember them now.
I can assume what will or may happen tomorrow, the sun will rise for example but when it does it will happen in the now.
I can´t hold the past..I can´t hold the future...but I can hold the now.
Hence...would I want to be immortal? I already am ;-D

Paul´s Bods said...

...look at my terible spelling...6th "Remember certain", it should be :-D
Might pay for me to check first before I post eh??

Porky said...

@ The Happy Whisk - Thanks! There's no more sadness here than happiness, just an attempt to set down a certain mood - and show those blogs off of course!

@ Paul's Bods - That's a pretty good way of thinking about it, but I'd expect no less from you..! I understand everything, formal errors or not, and I'm sure everyone else does too.