Sunday, 13 March 2011

Bridge - trail - shadow

You approach the bridge, on the other side of which the overgrown trail runs up a slope back into the woods. You see the stone is fresh-cut, but that lichen and trailing plants have already begun to cover the surfaces. The wildflowers grow up to and even on it.

Then you notice a thing out of place.

Along a flank of the bridge, for the short distance down to the water, plants are crushed, forming a narrow track. The ground there is unmarked by the hoofprints of the creatures in the meadow. Right by the stream, the arch of the bridge creates a dark space.

Cross the bridge and follow the trail into the woods   Blog One   Blog Two   Blog Three
Step down the track to look into the dark space   Blog One   Blog Two
Turn back to explore along the stream   Blog One   Blog Two
Return to the oak   Blog One    Blog Two


Porky said...

Here's the challenge.

As an explorer, read, choose and enjoy. Start here. As a blogger, continue the adventure at your blog. Write a scene with a choice for the reader to make. Link each option to a destination post if that post is already written. If you write a scene based on a choice at another post, comment at that post so the blogger can add a link to you.

If a scene exists, but you feel another is possible, write it. If we have multiple scenes for one option, all the better. Feel free to create alternative takes on the world.

Be bold!

If you've still no idea what's going on, read this.

jabberjabber said...

Here's my part for crossing the bridge and following the trail: