Saturday, 5 March 2011


We're revolting. I mostly agree, but 'our' tone does seem a little righteous. Is it satire? Just in case it's not, here's some. A light prod at 'us', aimed at widening the field of view.

Users of Ringtones & Ramblings cell phones are today up in arms after parent company MoboPhono apparently withdrew technical support for older models. The company was accused of wanting to make sales.
'No freaking way!' said one long-term user. Others hurried to agree.
'I'm the proud owner of a second generation handset. Second generation, and by my definition even. Out of six, mind (leaving out the founders).'
'It may be square and clunky - and who knows what it's doing to my brain - but I accept no imitation. Call me backward-looking. Or rather don't, because simpler devices of a similar type just aren't the same.'
'If that MoboPhono thinks it's getting even a dollar out of me for the development of the next world-changing technology, well... who knows?'
'Man, I use R&R to talk to my friends! Mine! ...wait... Ours! In fact, we are R&R! Stop scratching off that logo! That's our logo now.'

Easy. Like walking into a dungeon, killing 'monsters' and making off with their valuables. Who says the hobby is a bad influence? Because, well, we imagined those valuables.


The Angry Lurker said...

Maybe this is the beginning of a revolt that will lead us to a square in the middle of a capital, the stray that breaks the camels back.

ckutalik said...

Defeatist! ; )

The Angry Lurker said...