Thursday, 10 March 2011

Message - life - hollow

You listen, and while no specific words can be made out, there is urgency in the tone. The sound is metallic, but rough, like riverwater falling. You realise the voices seem not to wait for a response, and as the seconds pass that the message is repeating.

Repeating, once... twice... thrice...

What is this?

A rising fear clutches and you stumble back over an upraised root and fall, rolling into a depression among the woody arches and ferns.

The earth is soft, formed of leaf matter rotted down over so many seasons of growth and dormancy. Shoots grow through, born of the last fall of acorns. The sense of life flowing through this place encourages you, gives you strength. That thrum is there in the root at your back. A direct link to the barrier against the void.

You too will return to the soil, to be born again. But not now, and maybe not today.

You stand, and as you rise you become aware of how far the ground still drops, into a hollow almost beneath the tree itself. Above the voices urge still from the trunk.

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Porky said...

The adventure starts here.

If you've not been following, here's the challenge.

Continue the adventure at your blog. Link to this post or any of the others if that's where the story leads. Comment at the origin post if you've created a destination for any of the current choices. The blogger can then add a link.

If you feel another choice is possible, write the destination post and leave a comment at the origin.

If we have multiple destinations for one choice, all the better. Feel free to create alternative takes on the world.

Be bold, explorer.

If you've no idea what's going on, read this.

The Angry Lurker said...

WTF?.......have used this in a while but I'm lost deep in the fecking woods and out of my bleeding depth but I will follow the lunacy elsewhere on the other blogs aswell.

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

See here:

Capcha: Mated. Odd one, considering the content of the post.