Sunday, 20 March 2011

Streambed - wasteland

You turn hard and sprint away along the bed of the stream, into the trees, fear strong. A gasping look back shows the figures shambling after, but far off. The cracked bed twists left and right; after a few such turns you scramble up onto the dust of the bank and take refuge behind the collapsed fibres of a trunk. The trees of the once lush wood are now bare, many no more than burnt husks. Dead branches rake the haze all around. You lie in the wreckage and catch your breath. After some time you realise the pursuit is over.

Cautiously retrace your steps   Blog One
Continue alongside the bed   Blog One   Blog Two
Strike out into the woods   Blog One  Blog Two



Porky said...

This is a scene in one of many possible adventures. There are 18 scenes already written spread across four different blogs. The future is very open.

Begin exploring this strange world at the base of the ancient tree.

To join in the creating, read this.

ArmChairGeneral said...

I am going into the woods.

Porky said...

Quick work! Excellent development too - I like the idea of genre being unclear, and having many interpretations in there depending on route. It's added in. There's one change we should make though: the link for the return to the streambed would be better going to a dedicated post, without mention of the escape. I'll put one up after EXPANDERS! this afternoon and let you know, and you can then just switch the links.

Ricalope said...

I kow it has taken a while, but I followed the riverbed.

Porky said...

All done then, and I'll have a post up in just a bit.