Thursday, 2 June 2011

Do they believe in us?

Look at what Harald is doing with magic in his house rules for World of Darkness.

And how about those concepts in making a polycosmos work? The idea belief makes a thing more possible and disbelief less is a way overlapping planes could be separated.

The take on ghosts as the dead who don't accept is familiar, so how about the idea of ghosts as beings who do? They want to believe we're here and so, increasingly, we are.

Could that be a horror story for Flash Fearsday? Here's my 140-character effort.

I woke. They stood there. Aliens? 
They looked me over, smiled. "You are real," they said. "We made you. And all you know." 
"Let us play."

Is it more of that gamer horror? You can try at Lunching on Lamias too. I still haven't written anything for Jennie's Expansion Joints this week, but I'm getting there. You?


Trey said...

I like that. I think beyond the cosmic horror of the impersonal universe, there's the irrational universe where your a central focus but are utterly powerless.

Paul´s Bods said...

As I read your post i thought immediately of a brilliant example of ghosts who want to believe in "us" The film, "The others"
I didn´t get it until very late in the film....well worth a watch

Ray Rousell said...

(shiver), now that was very creepy!!

Porky said...

@ Trey - That goes far deeper than the post! But we'd expect no less of course. Thanks for the thought; I'll be holding it.

@ Paul's Bods - I'm pretty sure I have the DVD kicking round somewhere and need to dig it out. From what I know, it seems a good recommendation, but I'd expect no less from you either.

@ Ray Rousell - Glad to hear it! I never know, but reckon if I scare myself, I might well scare someone else too - hopefully in the best possible way.